Stand for Racial Justice Workshop: But I Heard It on TikTok: Media Literacy and Why You Should Be an Information Skeptic (part of the Navigating a Polarized World series of SFRJ's Task Force III)

Meagan Fowler, Assistant Professor/Librarian,
Metropolitan Campus
Nancy Weissman, Professor/Librarian, Westshore Campus

Information inundates us every day. From television
to social media, video gaming to electronic advertising,
the list is truly endless. All of this information is created
with the purpose of influencing you. Media literacy
is the key to understanding the true meaning behind
these messages.

Explore the concept of media literacy and learn
how to more effectively engage with the information
you encounter on a daily basis — and become a more
discerning and responsible consumer (and producer)
in the process.

HYBRID EVENT: Meet in-person or join us on Web-Ex. (Information below.)

Open to all!

Dial-In Information

Monday, November 8 at 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Metropolitan Campus, MLA 101 (Studio 101)
2900 Community College Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115

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