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Dana Ann Markosky Ozak

Dana Ann Markosky Ozak left a positive review 3/26/2017

I hope everyone who attended had as much fun learning new songs to use in the classroom as I did. I will never forget leading off our marching band around the auditorium.

Dana Ann Markosky Ozak

Dana Ann Markosky Ozak posted a photo 2/20/2017

Sue Scheutzow

Sue Scheutzow left a review 11/19/2015

I appreciate the message, but the fowl language and the inappropriate "sex" scene turned me off. Some things should be left to the imagination. If you clean up the fowl language and remove that scene, I would support the play to be shown at high schools.

Rachel Roganish

Rachel Roganish left a positive review 11/20/2015

It was amazing and intense!

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