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As a student in the Robert L. Lewis Academy of Scholars, I am tasked to complete a social justice project.  A meal will be served each week.

This project fuses my desire to increase access to healthy foods with my desire to see the church become full of healthy, whole, and thriving individuals. It is no secret that many churches gather around soul food (e.g. fried chicken, ribs, macaroni and cheese, candied yams, and greens) and formulate relationships with one another as a form of fellowship. While there is nothing inherently wrong with eating a meal with a friend, it becomes a problem when what we are consuming causes us to become sick.

"Food Deserts," "Food Swamps," "Food Insecurity," "Food Justice?" What does it all mean? Nearly 450,000 residents in Cuyahoga County have been designated as living in areas where they do not have regular access to healthy food options. Instead of healthy bistros and grocery stores, inner-city neighborhoods are bombarded with fast food joints, corner stores, convenience marts, gas station marts, and a variety of other junk food options. It is no secret that African-Americans are disproportionately diagnosed with preventable chronic diseases than our white counterparts. 

This project is part of a social justice course. I am a Robert L. Lewis Academy Scholar and have been tasked to tackle a social justice issue that is close to my heart.

Can reading the Bible and applying some of its principles help to ignite change?

Can linking up with others to assist them in forging friendships be the beginning of a burgeoning fitness friendship?

Can food be healthy for me and taste good?

We can make healthy choices for ourselves and our families despite some of the many barriers we face. Let's talk about some of those solutions. 


Wednesday, April 10 at 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Cornucopia Place, Suite 103b 7201 Kinsman Road Cleveland, OH

Target Audience

General Public, Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, Veterans



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Yvette Mitchell

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michelle rodriguez

michelle rodriguez 4/11/2019

I think everyone needs to be a part of such events . These kind details are an important one for people to understand about the various reason for their medical conditions and other problems they face. The main reason for many health problems is the food they eat.

Fields Dabzac

Fields Dabzac 3/17/2019

We are what we eat. It is a well-known fact. We all know about this but, unfortunately, do not pay decent attention to our nutrition. It is a diamond idea to educate about food, challenge a widespread manner of eating, investigate the healthy way of being and reveal obscure facts. The biggest value of this meeting is that this is the student’s project challenging youth nutrition behavior. My best greetings and appreciations to the author of the project. Highly recommend participating and will try to join this event too.

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